Dominance Is Everything… To A Monster Whitetail Buck!


© 2011 by Bob J Mercier

A book holding the secret scouting methods, sign reading analysis methods , stand site set-up instructions, and successful dominant buck hunting methods of Whitetail Deer Behavior Expert – Bob J Mercier.  Users are hunted by kings!

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Some refer to this book as the most informative deer hunting guide to successful trophy buck harvesting techniques ever written. It is chocked full of new concepts derived by Bob J. Mercier and his personal studies of whitetail deer habits. Bob discovered what deer herd territories look like on paper. (Maps included). Bob teaches readers how to have conversations with the king that walks the land they hunt, by leaving buck and doe sign that deer perceive are made by a challenging intruder buck from another herd and a doe that is ready to mate, and needing to get pregnant. Bob has been studying Whitetail deer behavior since 1991 and has discovered more than 400 facts about deer that he states in this book, that make a difference to the outcome of deer hunter’s hunts. Bob tells you how deer live, think, and process information. This book is not about Bob J Mercier. It is written by Bob as if he was talking to you. He wants you to know what he knows so you can walk within 35 yards of any deer in daylight using his tactics. Readers have been known to report they have read the D.I.E. Book over and over again, in an attempt to let it all sink in.

In the book, you will learn how to communicate with the king of any deer herd by making a mock-scrape in the manner that kings of herds are called to it. You will learn how to change the outcome of your deer hunts by changing the way you enter the territories of kings, and consciously making decisions on where to walk and at what cadence and speed you go, based on the deer you wish to persuade the herd, that you are. Walking-like-a-deer makes deer follow you, and becoming invisible to deer is easy and inexpensive. Hunting with the Dominance Is Everything Deer Hunting System, makes the breeder bucks in the area look for the user of the system. They seek you instead of avoiding you. It is easy and fun, and there are thousands of people who hunt with Bob’s D.I.E. System every time they hunt deer. Their testimonials prove that big-racked bucks can be persuaded to believe that humans are deer, when you follow the instructions for hunting deer, as Bob J Mercier instructs you in this book.

Bob shows you how to read buck rubs, and has included drawings to illustrate the bedding areas of Pecking Order Bucks, Does, Fawns, Yearling Bucks, and of the King of the herd. Bob J Mercier’s Dominance Is Everything Deer Hunting System (is recognized by the Dominance Is Everything Logo). With this new knowledge, you can walk within 35 yards or less of any whitetail deer, during daylight without the deer ever seeing a human, hearing a human, or smelling any human odors. You can accomplish this as soon as you have read this book and go afield to walk-among-deer using the walk-like-a-deer method.

Readers learn how to use D.I.E. Scrape(s) (step-by-step instructions for success are in this book) to bring the herd’s most dominant buck within 35 yards. Public or Private Land is no different. The king finds D.I.E. scrape(s) in less than 3 days. He will take it over and breed there. He will come within 35 yards of it at least one time in the first 72 hours if you hunt as directed. Over 500 book owners stated the first buck that came within 35 yards was the biggest or second-biggest buck that they had ever encountered. A great book for any deer hunter who would like to have the means to get close to trophy-racked bucks on every hunt.

Paperback: 416 pages
Author: Bob J Mercier a.k.a. Robert Joseph Mercier
Publisher: Robert Joseph Mercier; 1st edition (October 26, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0984040307
ISBN-13: 978-0984040308
Package Dimensions: 10.9 x 8.6 x 1.8 inches
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All book orders ship next business day – 1-3 Day Delivery via USPS Priority Mail is available. Tracking is included with all orders.

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