Our Mission

To teach our tactics for hunting Dominant Whitetail Bucks, by sharing our discoveries of Whitetail Deer Behavior, with Deer Hunters who want to encounter the herd king at close range on every hunt, with very little time invested.

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What We Provide

Deer Behavior Specialists LLC (DBS) is a full-service consulting firm focused on providing advice to deer hunters, professional hunting guides, and outfitters. Helping hunters improve their tactics while learning to utilize ours. Enabling hunters to get close to kings of herds every day.

Our mission is to share more than 700 facts that we discovered about whitetail deer behavior, including our Whitetail Deer Herd Territory Map, and buck-rub reading formulas. We’ll share our discoveries of how deer use the wind to determine where they will bed, which trails to use, which scrapes to breed at, and whether they will stay standing all day or lay down for a while. We discovered the territories of kings, and we feel every deer hunter should know these facts as well as we do. We provide knowledge and skills that cannot be learned anywhere else.

Our consultants teach easy to use methods of scouting, analyzing deer sign, setting up for a hunt, and going afield as an invisible pair of deer. We see the territories of Whitetail kings from the perspective of the bucks and does that live there. We teach people how to be invisible to deer, by changing their human behavior and never letting deer sense that a human is near. Ninety-nine percent of first time users (of our tactics), report seeing one of the (2) biggest-racked bucks they ever saw while hunting deer, as he approached to within 35 yards of them in daylight.

Bob Mercier

Deer Behavior Specialist

Bob J Mercier has studied Whitetail deer behavior for more than 28 years and has been teaching his dominant buck hunting tactics for the past 10 years. Now Bob has formed DBS and is teaching much more than just how to encounter kings of herds. Now DBS is teaching you everything Bob has learned from observing deer behavior and every deer hunting tactic that Bob has taught his clients over the past 9 years. You will get the knowledge in Bob’s book through video training that is easier to understand.


  • How to Become Invisible to Deer

  • How to Become 99% Scent-Free at Home

  • How to Walk Like a Deer

  • How to Read My Deer Herd Map

  • How to Know Where the Deer Are

  • How to Choose a Stand Site

Our Latest Discoveries

We have developed our own formulas that allow us to understand and teach others to understand where deer bed, breed, rub trees, travel in particular areas depending on the wind direction and the weather. We know deer tracks, deer trails, and most recently we have published the first of its kind. A map of the core-doe bedding areas and the network of trail systems that exist in the (3) sections of every whitetail king’s herd territory. Bob J Mercier discovered these facts and kept them secret from everyone until he could prove them on video and live anywhere that Whitetail deer exist. Now that time has come. Bob discovered what buck rubs mean to the deer that make them, and to the deer that encounter them, and although other people have their way of understanding them, and Bob may not be the first to have theories. Bob is now filming his teachings and will be making them available on YouTube and on www.deerbehavior.com in an effort to share his amazing tactics with everyone. To our knowledge very few people if any teach deer hunting tactics that bring in the king. We do that and have been doing it for more than 10 years already. Now we will do it under a new brand name Deer Behavior Specialists.

Learning Bob’s formulas for analyzing the meaning of deer bed impressions, deer feces, deer tracks, deer trails, deer breeding scrapes, deer browse heights, trail widths, buck rubs, highways, etc… will allow you and the rest of society to open your eyes to a whole new way of looking at your hunting lands. To us at DBS, deer hunting is not about us. It is about the buck or doe we wish to harvest today at close range. It is about knowing which direction that deer will likely be coming from as the hours in the days go by, and it is about knowing the reason that the buck or doe has to come within 35 yards of us in daylight. If you do not know any reasons, then why not learn the D.I.E. Scrape System from us. We developed the Dominance Is Everything Scrape as a tool for deer hunters across North America to use along with their ability to change their human behavior to resemble the decision making of a mature breeder buck or doe. With the D.I.E. Scrape and your willingness to do as we teach, you have given the entire herd of deer (where you hunt), a reason to send their king to your stand site while you are there. If you want to see pecking order bucks too. Then modify the scrape so there are no buck rubs with it, and pecking order bucks will frequent it too.

We are supplying our customers with advanced training opportunities. We just published and copyrighted the Whitetail Deer Herd Territory Map ©2019 by Robert Joseph Mercier. You can get a copy by signing up for our E-Newsletter, or by Subscribing to DBSbob on YouTube and sending us your email address, so we can email a .pdf copy to you, or you can buy two copies of the map for the low cost of $5.00 plus sales tax.  The DBS logo is a map to every Whitetail deer herd. If you carry our business card, you can find your way into and out of individual deer herd territories. Do not delay, with this map you can learn how to get to the dominant buck’s bedding areas. Without it, good luck.

Visit our Website and YouTube Channel daily, and learn to encounter big-racked bucks on a daily basis.

Although thousands of copies of Dominance Is Everything…To A Monster Whitetail Buck! ©2011 have been sold to deer hunters across America since 2011, we assure you that the contents of the book have not become old information. On the contrary —- IT IS STILL VERY SECRET INFORMATION.

Book owners have kept it a secret. Every testimonial we have received has stated that the deer hunter using our tactics saw either the biggest-racked buck or the second-biggest-racked buck of their lives on their first hunt as he came within 35 yards. Most bucks are harvested in less than 3 days of hunting. 

If you like to read, then BUY THE BOOK. If not, then watch our online videos, as they become available. 

There are more than 400 facts about whitetail deer behavior, that Bob J Mercier discovered. Initial drawings of the Whitetail Deer Herd Territory Map, The meaning of rubs, where deer bed, and why. How bucks compete for the right to breed, except for the king, because he has the earned right to breed. Also, there are step-by-step instructions on how to scout, set up and hunt for the king of the herd and expect to encounter him in less than 4 consecutive days of hunting the same stand site. That is known as the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING™ Deer Hunting System, which does ask you to make a D.I.E. Scrape as directed to pull the king of the herd to your stand site. Without the D.I.E. Scrape, other mature breeder bucks may approach you within 35 yards on a daily basis. 

Many people assume that the D.I.E. System was a mock-scrape system, or that they needed to buy all kinds of equipment to make a king hunt them. Those are false assumptions. 

The D.I.E. Scrape is an option to be used if you do not feel the king has any urgency to walk on your hunting land today or tomorrow. The D.I.E. Scrape tells the king of the herd where he has to go to meet you (as an invisible doe in estrus that needs a mate). When used as directed the king of the herd comes in close unafraid. He intends on meeting you. He cannot because you are a human, so it is now or never to harvest the buck that is standing before you.

Customers have used the D.I.E. System from September 14 to January 31, with 100% success. They have encountered a mature buck at least 2-1/2 years in age within 35 yards in less than 4 days of hunting from the same stand and scrape location. 

The fact is you do not need 4 days to harvest the king on every D.I.E. Hunt. Sometimes all you need is one hour. It is not up to us when the king will come, it is up to him. You can, however, speed up his encounter with you at 35 yards or less by giving him what he wants. Most D.I.E. hunters harvest a buck on Day 1 or Day 2. No matter if the rut is on or not, dominant bucks come to a D.I.E. Scrape and are willing to breed with your invisible ‘hot doe’.

All you need to do is become invisible to deer, and communicate with the deer by letting them know that you are a deer that has business with their king. The whole notion that people can become invisible deer and communicate with deer, is one we have embraced in 1992 when Bob learned how to walk within 35 yards of any deer in daylight. We believe it is real, deer accept us as invisible deer, and our customers who use our tactics also have seen the truth. Now it is time we show the proof worldwide. We will be doing so now and in the future.

It is like night and day. The difference in how deer come towards a person using our tactics Vs. the way deer avoid people who do not know how to behave like an invisible deer.

When you hunt using one or more of Bob’s tactics, deer seek you out. They come to your stand looking for a real deer. When they cannot find (a deer) you, they send in other deer to look for you. When no deer can find you, but they find deer sign, they send the herd king to find you. He comes to your deer sign and then goes to his own.

Not everyone will meet a king because some people do not stay in their stand until he arrives.

We give you the knowledge and teach you the tactics, and it is up to you to stay the course and wait for a meeting with the king of the herd. You have 99% odds of success when using our tactics as directed. 

You can choose what to do as big-racked bucks and mature does approach you. Harvest one or wait for the king. It is inevitable that he will come because Dominance Is Everything…To A Monster Whitetail Buck! 

Fact #1 All Whitetail deer have a 35 yard (radius) invisible bubble of personal space that surrounds their body. Bob Mercier discovered it, and knowing about it will make you stop and think about it whenever you see deer. This fact is something DBS is going to teach you about. It is the basis for all behaviors that humans can witness deer displaying. If you only learn one thing from us, try to master the 35-yard invisible bubble that deer have, and that D.I.E. Hunters pretend to have, that allows us to walk among deer unnoticed and get within 35 yards or less of any deer in daylight. 

Over the past 9 years, Bob J Mercier has discovered more than 700 facts about whitetail deer behavior that no one else is discussing as being facts.  It is our goal at DBS to share these facts with you, on the web, at our seminars, and at sports shows across America, while we assist in helping deer hunters fill their tag with one of the biggest-racked bucks they have seen.

We will list our topics on this website as we make them available to you. 

This is one of DBS’s latest discoveries. Memorizing it makes you one of the smartest deer hunters on the planet. Bob discovered the means to map entire deer herd territories and we are sharing our findings with you. 

On this map, we show you where all-female deer bed down inside the territories of each king. We also show you the network of trail systems that deer use to move from one deer destination to the next. When you are within 35 yards of any type of deer sign you are on this map. When you move you may be leaving the herd territory, or you may be remaining inside the territory boundary of one single king. We are sharing with you the means to know. It all matters ladies and gentlemen and for us, we are honored to have discovered these facts, so we can make you aware of them and help you become better deer hunters.

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Avada Driving School really helped build my confidence behind the wheel and with driving in general, and they got me a first time pass! Highly recommended.

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Avada Driving School really helped build my confidence behind the wheel and with driving in general, and they got me a first time pass! Highly recommended.

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Avada Driving School really helped build my confidence behind the wheel and with driving in general, and they got me a first time pass! Highly recommended.

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Avada Driving School really helped build my confidence behind the wheel and with driving in general, and they got me a first time pass! Highly recommended.

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